Lee Ufan | Lisson Gallery by Christophe C

March 25, 2015 - May 9, 2015
Lisson Gallery

27 & 52 Bell Street , London NW1 5DA 

From the gallery website:

This exhibition brings together a body of new work by Lee Ufan, famed as a founding member of the Japanese Mono-ha and Korean Dansaekhwa groups of the late 1960s and early ’70s – both important modern and parallel art movements which have only relatively recently been feted by major shows in the West. Although his practice is widely regarded as minimalist, Lee believes in utilising an economy of gesture or representation in search of the maximum possible effect or resonance. His most recent series of Dialogue paintings and watercolours are economically composed of singular sweeps of paint, each built up over an extended period of time through an accretion of smaller strokes. The brush gradually unloads, the mark lightening towards immateriality as he drags it across the surface of the canvas or paper, each repetition being ritualistically controlled by Lee’s held breath. The incorporation of strong colours – blue, red or an earthy green – to the artist’s traditional grey palette, marks a decisive shift away from the intangibility of grisaille towards elements or references in the real world, perhaps harking back to an early series of fluorescent spray-painted works by Lee from 1968, entitled Landscape. The four large-scale paintings at Lisson Gallery combine together to form a chapel-like environment within the main atrium, surrounding the viewer with gestures that require time and concentration to fully appreciate.

Lee Ufan at Gary Tatintsian Gallery by Christophe C

November 14, 2014 - March 23, 2014

One Man Show at Gary Tatintsian Gallery

From the gallery website:

Lee Ufan personal show at Gary Tatintsian Gallery includes artist's Relatum-silence stone installations, his recent water-colour works and the Dialogue paintings. In his Dialogue series artist creates a site-specific works placing a single, broad, viscous stroke of paint on canvas, setting up a rhythm that exposes and enlivens the emptiness of the space, creating what Lee calls “an open site of power in which things and space do vividly interact.” Limiting his brush strokes to one, two, or three squarelike marks on the pristine white canvas, artist uses grey to express “a vague, ephemeral and uncertain world,” making the tactile marks vibrate, fading in and out of the margins of vision.

Lee Ufan Versailles in the Media by Christophe C

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Lee Ufan Versailles: June 17 - November 2, 2014 by Christophe C

Studio Lee Ufan is pleased to announce the upcoming opening of

Lee Ufan Versailles

June 17 - November 2, 2014

From the Château de Versailles Spectacles website:

Why choose Lee Ufan as the contemporary artist for 2014 in Versailles?

Dare I say that, again, it is André Le Nôtre who influenced both Alfred Pacquement, who will be the show’s commissioner, as he was the commissioner of the 2013 Giuseppe Penone exhibition, and myself.

A visit to the “Le Nôtre en perspectives. 1613-2013” exhibition unveils an unknown personality, while insisting on the radical nature of his modernism. The latest works on contemporary architecture and aesthetics to which the exhibition’s commissioners Patricia Bouchenot-Déchin and Georges Farhat, have given an unprecedented place, show that Le Nôtre can leads us on the path of minimalism and to the notion of void. The presence of Peter Walker’s work for Ground Zero in New York in the itinerary they trace through the centuries is a spectacular testimony to this.

In the light of this, bringing Lee Ufan’s vision to Versailles seemed appropriate, it is less disconcerting than we believe and draws us into his silent and captivating poetry

Catherine Pégard, December 2013

Château de Versailles 2014 by Christophe C

Studio Lee Ufan is pleased to announce that Lee Ufan will be the guest artist of Château de Versailles in 2014.

The project will be in the gardens and will be curated by Alfred Pacquement.

We will announce further developements on the project as they arise.

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